We provide the full spectrum of new technologies in the Business Intelligence area. The company has a team of highly skilled developers with experience in both creating custom solutions and integrating already existing ones. We consult in identifying the processes needing change and then providing the tools to make these changes happen. Our mission is to give the businesses the tools they need to achieve even better results. We put the client first and consult on a case by case basis. We try to create long-term relationships and support the needs of our clients as they arise. The business intelligence tools that we create and use are not sector specific and everyone can take advantage of them.


We provide the initial consulting to help the client identify the needs for Business Intelligence. Some clients need custom solutions, others need help implementing already existing ones. We discuss the possibilities and then the client makes the informed decision. We make regular meetings with the client describing the progress and identifying additional requirements.


We create custom Business Intelligence solutions specific for each client’s needs. After the initial discussion, if a custom solution is chosen by the customer, then we make a design, follow up on the execution, deliver and train the client on using the solution. We also provide support integrating the solution with the other tools the client is using.


We rely on some already proven Business Intelligence solutions for some of our customers. We work with QlikView, Tableau, SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft BI and Spotfire. If one of those is the client’s choice, then we install the software and help connecting it to the different data sources. Then we help with training how the software can be used in the client’s environment.

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